Guidelines For Use of Premcal

For the prevention of PMS symptoms we recommend a minimum of 4000 IU of vitamin D and 1000 mg of calcium daily. This can be achieved with 2 Premcal Extra Strength tablets (or chewtabs) daily. It is best to take  Premcal with meals or with juice.

At the time when symptoms erupt, a few days before and during menstruation, it is recommended that at least 2 tablets be taken immediately for the relief of those awful menstrual cramps, headaches, irritability, blues and if necessary 1 tablet later in the day.

During the summer months, vitamin D levels increase and less supplemental vitamin D is necessary. Therefore, if you have prolonged or intense sun exposure, it is recommended that you switch to one Premcal Extrastrength per day. During all other months, the body’s vitamin D levels tend to decrease because of less sun exposure. When this occurs, more Premcal is recommended. If you are unsure about how much Premcal is best for you, ask your physician to test your blood level of vitamin D.

Please note: The amount of Premcal is best determined by the vitamin D level in your blood, not by the severity of your symptoms. You should never take more than 3 tablets or chewtabs of Premcal per day without consulting your physician.

Premcal is manufactured exclusively in the United States of America.